Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Vacation!!

Ok So I am heading north to my husband's brother's graduation.  Got some mixed feelings about this vacation.  Boy... is it a long drive.  A really long drive.  So we are going back to Manchester, NH and then to Maine to see my family.  I think when this is over I will need a real vacation.  Great thing about NH... Tax free!  whooo hoooo!!  

So anyways I think I will be working most of the weekend.  I bought a cool photography kit to take some great pictures with.  I am really excited to use it... mostly because I am OCD when it comes to the appearance of my shop!  So hopefully while I am on vacation, I am going to be able to take some pics and get them posted on the site.  Wish me luck on my venture!!  

Oh by the way... my husband doesn't know... but I found 4 bead stores and a glass blowing shop in I will be on shopping for beads!  Hope to bring back something really cool!!!